What is Paradox

Paradox is the premier exclusive Discord group built to help botters succeed in the reselling industry. We provide top-tier information, resources, partners, tools, and support to help our members capitalize in the sneaker, clothing, card, and electronic market. Paradox costs $60/m and cater’s its information to people living in and/or shipping items to the USA.

What we focus on

Paradox’s main focus is to educate people on how to enter and succeed in the botting space. We’ll help you purchase a successful setup for your budget and needs. Our staff specialize’s in helping members perfect their setup and maximize profitability across botting in multiple markets. We primarily cover profitable sneakers, clothing, cards, GPU’s, and consoles. Our goal is to find wherever you are in your botting career and help you scale your setup. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro, you’ll always find useful information in Paradox.

Staff team

Our staff team is comprised of knowledgable botting experts, developers, product/service owners, and more! We are here to help you go from your first successful checkout to your first clip and learn the ins and outs of botting and this market. All our staff are friendly, engaging, and connected within the industry. They enjoy networking with and helping our members.

Driven community

We are home to a community of driven characters each looking to better their reselling career, make friends, or learn something new. We aren’t all business, there’s time for jokes, banter, and fun engagement with other members, staff, admins, and owners.


Paradox is partnered with a large portion of the most coveted software on the market. Members get access to weeklies and/or renewal copies every month. We are currently partnered with these bots:

We’re constantly networking and working with the best software developers in the industry to make sure we bring our members multiples opportunities with the best bots in the industry every month.

Resources opportunities:

We make sure to offer our members products we personally use, trust, and can back to maintain trust with our members. We won’t sell random products and services just to say we “offer opportunities”. We get exclusive discounts and groupbuys to make sure members are saving money, and maximizing their earning potential. Some of our Resource Opportunities include:

AYCD Toolbox, Mushroom Proxies, Rainbow Proxies, Lemon Proxies, Blackhat Proxies, Gravity Proxies, XYZ Supplies, Zesty Servers, One Click Gmails, and more!

Sneaker Info and Monitors

We cover every hype sneaker release. Our guides tell you exactly when the sneaker drops, where sneakers will release, what to expect, how to setup, and more! We make sure you are prepared with an acquisition and selling plan for each release. We make sure to let you know about site and bot development changes and provide insider opportunities to maximize your profitability. We keep track of each bot and how they do with drop recaps to know what software to run for each site type.

We have an exclusive Nike and Yeezy plug that provides us with early info, stock numbers, expectations and more. We’re constantly in the loop. We also get footsite stock numbers, early links, product variants, and more!

Shopify: We work with four different Shopify monitor providers to make sure we always ping the fastest and never miss a drop. Each popular retailer has their own dedicated channel. For sites that restock constantly, we built an automated checkpoint pinger that links members to recent restocked links and variants.

AIO: We have our our custom footsite pinger that alerts you instantly when a profitable shoe restocks. We have a yeezysupply and finishline/jd sports monitor that lets you know when the first checkout has been made and when you should be expecting checkouts. We supply best in class monitors for Nike Desktop, SNKRS, Dicksportinggoods, Pacsun, Nordstrom, Hibbett, Supreme, and more! We provide full lists of Footsite restock SKU’s and current resale values.

Retailer Info and Monitors

Cards: Our Card staff is dedicated to helping you cook cards across Target and Walmart. We’re constantly looking at what bots are doing best and provide live drop updates to keep members in the loop. We have support and guides to help minimize cancels, and maximize profits. We built a custom Target alarm system to wake members up when products load on target. They’re always ready and awake for every drop! We supply the exact products, PIDs, OfferIDs, price checks, and resale expectations for every product. We constantly monitor sites for new products that load and more!

Electronics: Our electronics staff is dedicated to helping you buy as many consoles and GPU’s as you possibly can across a variety of sites. Staff drop bot exports and guides while also reminding members to watch out for certain console, and GPU restocks. We’re always prepared. We have a custom Bestbuy and AMD alarm and filtered pinging system. We provide full lists of GPU and console PIDs, OfferIDs, price checks, and resale expectations.

We work with three different monitor providers to bring us the best monitoring solutions for Target, Walmart, Bestbuy, Amazon, AMD, and more! We have instore monitors, and access to OfferIDs in our monitors. Our retailer monitors have some of the most competitive speeds in the industry.

Flips Info and Monitors

We have special providers that give the scoop on flips including hats, bags, clothes, funks, art, collectibles, and more. We also have monitors for each flip site so you’re always in the loop! We make sure to focus on flips our members can bot, sell easily, and most importantly, profit off of.

Bot Info and Analysis

Bot software itself is an insane market. Bot prices are extremely volatile and nothing is ever guaranteed. Knowing when to buy, sell, hold, and/or rent a bot can be the difference of thousands of dollars. When the software itself is the backbone of your business, you need to be in the loop about its developments and the botting market in general. If you purchase $500 profit worth of product with a bot but the software itself goes down $1,000 in value then whats the point? We make sure every member knows whats going on in the bot market and is always aware.

Botting Guides

We constantly look for site changes and ways to adapt to the always changing botting scene. We make sure members are up to date across all sites, bot protections, and more. Know exactly how to make profiles for every site, know what proxies to use for what sites, know what bots are performing best.

Final Notes

This is just a glimpse inside of Paradox. We are the solution for botting across sneakers, cards, consoles, GPU’s and more! We provide the information, support, preparation, and market knowledge needed to succeed.

Apply today: https://forms.gle/B2Yf39DdVaz8oPKfA




Mastering Software Arbitrage

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Mastering Software Arbitrage

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